The statistically best best combined Leicester and Norwich XI not one for you No…

The statistically best best combined Leicester and Norwich XI not one for you Norwich fans 😬 only have 2 players in the line up and both on the wings

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Choco Puffs – Amazing doughnut bites served with a choice of toppings!
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This is my opinion on Premier League TOTS, i know that some players are out of p…

This is my opinion on Premier League TOTS, i know that some players are out of position but i couldnt do it another way😬 Let me know what you think and if you want to change anything 🙏🏼

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Designer Item Raffle Competition Yasss Queens! I have listened to all your comm…

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First bike ride in 7 weeks Feeling energised & super happy Still staying hom…

First bike ride in 7 weeks 🙌
Feeling energised & super happy 😃
Still staying home 99% of our time 🌈
Unless I’m working ✅

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Shopping Tour – Who is the New Star Joining Barcelona?

It’s always the right time to write about this topic, right? Now that Barcelona games are only available for weekends, we have lot of days to wait and lot of time to kill. Nothing is better than some transfer temptations. We will have to live with all kind of rumors till the end of the season. Being a season of elections won’t make is better, pouring oil on the fire.

So let’s go straight to the market!


Alright, for once I doubt there will be any voices questioning Valdes as a first notch keeper. We need to buy a backup keeper. Pinto, for all his good (and bad) is aging. Barcelona Athletic keepers still untested and need at least three years to prove themselves for being reliable. The keeper we are seeking must not be a first class keeper who demands playing time, but still good enough to cover Valdes absence and with enough quality to keep Valdes alert to avoid competition threats. Claudio Bravo of Real Sociedad was mentioned for being the main target. I still think he is too good to be true. Twenty six years old Chilean international who will defend his nation in the following world cup may not find it a tempting opportunity to warm up Barcelona bench for the rest of his career. That’s ten years from now considering the Goal keepers football career. It will be an absolute craziness if it happens, in an absolutely fantastic way, for Barcelona.

On my short list -which has nothing to do with Barcelona targets- there is Daniel Fernandes for being one of the most realistic options. One older reliable -and may be cheap- option is Morgan De Sanctis who can serve for couple of years. Cedric Carrasso is a less realistic option, though not an impossible one. Federico Marchetti is an interesting option to scout, while Joe Hart is impossible to get though I want to list him here just to wonder why -OH WHY the hell!- did Manchester City loaned out such a quality talented youth and bought an aging Given?


I will make it short. I don’t want us to sign any defender this summer. I know the club is looking for a backup for Alves. But the same as I mentioned last summer, there is no better backup for Alves than Puyol. Yet, if we need more assurance, bring back Caceres, Henrique, or promote a Cantera. I am not sure who is under the scouting radars at the moment, but I will be so surprised if the targets have the quality of Caceres or Henrique. I watched them close this season, and I am more certain than before they can serve the team well.

Besides, there is a decision to be made regarding Botia who is having a very good season on loan. There is a decision to be made regarding Muniesa, Fontàs, Bartra and the rest of defenders we have at Barca Athletic who are looking forward to see the light out of the tunnel toward the first team. The decision may not be promoting them all next season, but at least sending a clear message that they are in our plans and will have a chance and space with time.


My opinion about signing Cesc Fabregas is still the same. What sounded as an odd argument once, is a belief for a decent sector of Barcelona fans now. It’s not right to pay the amount of cash needed to get Cesc back home, he found a new home for himself once, and he can find another home if he wanted. But the guy is most likely a Barcelona player next season. When he wears the Barcelona shirt, he is our kid again, and will get all the support required.

For fifty millions of cash you can buy Silva who can do everything Cesc does and more, and you will still have enough money to make an agreement with a hairdresser to take care of Iniesta’s hair for the rest of his career. It’s smarter to invest that amount of money on Silva and Iniesta’s hair than on Cesc, no offense.

But the guy is coming. If we succeeded to keep either Jonathan Dos Santos or Thiago Alcantara, fine! Hope they will still feel motivated enough to challenge for a future in the club. I think JDS will be the victim of signing Cesc as he plays almost an identical role, while Thiago has some other features that makes him a different kind of players than Cesc.

If Yaya stayed, then that’s all the changes to expect in the midfield. We will have an impossible challenge to find playing time for everyone anyway. So we won’t add more complications. If Yaya decided to leave, we will give it a second try to get Mascherano, who is closer to Barcelona than some may think. If I am reading Pep well (who does?), it seems he wants more agility and stamina in the holding midfield department than strength. With Busquets improving on weekly bases, a pure defensive midfielder who can create an extremely different option for Pep is reasonable. When you want a more dynamic midfield you get a Busquets. When you want a more static defensive midfielder covering behind the offense troops as a vacuum cleaner you use the alternative Holding midfielder (Yaya or Mascherano). Yaya -in the right mood and form- is better than Mascherano when it come to playmaking contribution. Busquets is better than them both. As a pure defensive midfielder, Mascherano heads the list. Added to the rumor that Mascherano is yet to renew his contract with Liverpool, it means that he will be more attainable next summer than he was last summer. But that will only happen if Yaya left. Buying Cesc means no more installments in the midfield if no one left.


First of all we need to sort out what we have. At the moment, we have Messi, Ibra, and Henry added to Pedro, Jeffren and Bojan with Iniesta being used when needed. I am not sure what the future plans of Henry are, but I will welcome keeping him. There are doubts if Henry can prove being useful for the club next season, which is valid. Yet, for a player who is already in your squad, the most important question is: how to benefit from his presence the longest period possible? As a key player and for the contract conditions he has now, it is not a very profitable situation for the club (If we are only evaluating next seasons’ costs Vs benefits, which is unfair as the contract worth must be evaluated by comparing the cost vs. the players’ contribution throughout the contract duration).

If Henry wants to stay till his contract run out, then he is more than welcomed. If he wants to move somewhere else, then I hope the club will release him for free so he can negotiate with any team he wants seeking his own interest. That’s the least we can do.

Yet, if he is willing to consider a new contract, I believe it’s for the best of the team to extend Henry contract for two additional years (Yea!!) while decreasing his annual earnings, and making it clear that he will be used more as a game changer than a key starter during his new contract duration. There is no better player Barcelona can sign as a game changer than Henry. I labeled him as the new Larsson once, and I am still hopeful that this wishful thinking will come true.

I have only two options to select from, if we decided to sign a new player: Silva, and Villa. All the other options are far behind.

If Henry leaves, then we need to sign a new player without any question:

1) If we sign Silva, the offense line will look like this:

Silva-Ibra-Messi as starters and Pedro- Bojan -Jeffren as backups. Not a bad structure, yet there is a huge defect in it, we’ll only have one striker -Ibra- to count on as an offense reference (9), considering that Bojan is still not ready for a key role. Imagine Ibra getting injured for few games, we will definitely be in a big trouble.

2) If we sign Villa, the offense line will look like this:

Villa-Ibra-Messi as starters and Pedro- Bojan -Jeffren as backups. That’s my favorite structure. Villa is a goal scoring forward who will be converted to a flank forward role (Henry), which will guarantee more goal scoring qualities than getting a pure wing. He is more compatible to Ibra and Messi style of play than any other option and he fits perfectly our tactical structure that is a mix of 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 diamond. Even for the youth, it’s better that the first team sign a 28 years old player than a 22 years old wing. Keeping in mind that so far we don’t really have a young striker whom we can put our bet on for the future (in the following 5 years), while on the flanks we have lot of Pedros and Jeffrens. Even Bojan is at the moment closer to a flanked forward/second striker than a nine.

If Henry stays:

It means having Pedro-Ibra-Messi as starters and Bojan-Henry-Jeffren as backups. Not a bad structure but we can improve it much more:

New signing- Ibra-Messi with Pedro-Henry-Jeffren/Bojan as back up. Meaning, we need to decide if we will keep Bojan or Jeffren. Keeping them both is so unpractical as they will eat each others’ playing time or the better will dominate the less qualified. At least a loan decision should be made in this case.

Even with Henry staying, I still favor Villa over Silva, especially if we signed Cesc. Silva is a great talent that any team would like to sign, but I can’t find anything Silva can do that Iniesta cant. Something we can’t say about Villa.

I won’t be the last time we make a virtual shopping tour, but this is how my transfers’ wish list looks so far.


6 Common Interviewing Problems

In general, the purpose of an interview is perceived as being to obtain information from one person by another person who asks a series of questions in a logical sequence to reach a specific objective.

This definition might equally be applied to coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and other «talking therapy» practitioners. It also applies in business to certain roles in the Human Resources, sales & marketing departments, etc.

One group that might not fit into this definition are Politicians of all nationalities. All too often, their specific (and unspoken) objective is (usually) to NOT answer the questions asked and only push the responses that their platform / party want.

Obviously, there are many excellent interviewers who are highly-trained, professional and well-versed in the skills and techniques necessary to fulfil the task to perfection. However, having seen many interviews & interviewers in different contexts, countries and cultures, it appears that the principal errors of many interviewers appear to be those indicated below:

1. Extended, complex and unclear questions.

Possible the most common error appears to be that the interviewer has not prepared clearly defined questions that are drafted in such a way that leaves no doubt about what is being asked. Many interviewers often enter into long and complicated preambles before actually reaching the crux of the matter instead of getting straight to the point. How can someone be expected to answer a vague, badly-structured, convoluted question clearly? Often the resulting response is unclear, inappropriate or «unrelated»to the question asked.

2. Not quantifying the response.

There appears to be a tendency NOT to quantify the response required by asking for very specific details such as: «What three things would you… ?» or «What is the specific timetable for XYZ in the next month?». This omission means that the response can be as long or as short as the respondent wants.

3. Using «double binds».

The «Double Bind» involves feeding the respondent with two possible options or two possible responses / solutions: E.g., «Should the government do XY& Z or AB & C?. It is generally much more effective to ask «What exactly should the government do?» (then stop talking, and gaze silently at the respondent until they answer).

4. Not asking follow-up questions.

It seems that many interviewers prefer not to ask follow-up questions or are instructed not to – especially if touches an area that might be polemic in some way. One way to do this is to use an echoic response of the response to the question as a bridge into a follow-up question designed to extract more detailed information.

5. Fear of alienating or «offending» the interviewee & the possible consequences.

This is often closely connected to the previous point: Frequently the interviewer fears that if they are too «professional» (read «pushy») in trying to get more detailed answers, the subject might refuse to collaborate with the interviewer, their organization or bring about unexpected and undesirable consequences to all those involved.

6. Not using reflective Communication (both verbal and non-verbal).

If an interviewer wants to establish rapport rapidly with the interviewee, it is vital that they learn how to «pace» and then «lead» both the verbal and non-verbal communication of the subject. When the interviewer «paces and leads», they are psychologically creating a collaborative effect in the subconscious of the other person which means that they will tend to feel more comfortable and be more willing to open up more. When the spoken and non-verbal communication are different, they tend to induce a conflictive perception in the subconscious mind of the interviewee. It is vital to note that people reflect back the subconscious perception that they have of the other person.

A simple test to discover the degree of rapport between people is to observe their non-verbal communication. If the rapport level is high, the body language will be very similar and if rapport is low, it will be very different.

Consequences of the points indicated above:

When the interviewer has not prepared clear & concise questions, frequently it results in the interviewee not answering the question asked and diverting the topic to the area that is their main interest.

Frequently, the results obtained are that the answers may be evasive, confusing, incomplete or inappropriate because the respondent has had to listen to, and mentally process, all the «waffle» that preceded the question while also trying to prepare a relevant response.

When the «double bind» has been used, the tendency is to reflect back the last option mentioned by the interviewer – This is known as an «Echoic» response and often indicates that little real thought has gone into the response.


Every interview has a purpose and it is up to the interviewer to determine what their objectives are – collaborative or conflictive – and choose the most appropriate techniques to reach their goal.

All too often, the interviewee is unjustly classified as being «difficult», «evasive», «uncooperative», etc., due to the lack of skills and / or preparation and behaviour of the interviewer rather than recognizing that the interviewer often shares a large part of the blame for this perception.

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TRANSFER NEWS Name: Sardar Azmoun Age: 25 Nation: Club: Zenit Saint-Petersburg …

Name: Sardar Azmoun
Age: 25
Nation: 🇮🇷
Club: Zenit Saint-Petersburg
Position: Forward
Price: €15M
Clubs attracted: Leicester City, Napoli
Most likely transfer: Napoli
Information: Sardar Azmoun, the promising 25-year old Iranian, has been tipped to leave the city of white nights and make a name for himself elsewhere, in possibly a major European league. He has impressed this season both in Russia and in the UCL, and it certainly has caught the eye of Leicester and Napoli.
Source: @casanapolinet @onefootball
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Miami Dolphins in the Bubble

The Miami Dolphins are lucky enough to have their very own training facility. This is just right for a team who was able to get a perfect season in 1972. The training facility for the Dolphins is located in the main campus of the Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. It is also the headquarter location for the Dolphins and is also used for a multitude of other events.

This state-of-the-art training facility features an exquisite architecture which reminds people of classic athletic facilities sporting the same design. The facility boasts of bowing trusses and has on of the largest weight rooms in the NFL. It also has training and locker rooms, whirlpools, therapy swimming pools, cold plunge pool, administrative offices, and of course, a practice field. Further, it has a bleacher building which accommodates 2000 visitors. The facility has an area of 5,200 square meters and is also used by other pro football teams.

An indoor training field known as «The Bubble» is also one venue of training for the Miami Dolphins. It is a 8,790 square meter indoor facility that covers the 2.2 acres on the west side of the main building. This indoor facility is an air-supported structure. The said structure was made and installed by the Air Structures American Technologies Incorporated but was constructed by the Stiles Construction. The football field inside the training facility is made out of synthetic turf composed of 75% rubber and 25% sand thereby providing a firm-playing surface. The markings found on the Dolphin Stadium game-day field is also replicated in this indoor facility. Loud crowd noise can also be simulated inside the bubble.

Before having this training facility, the Miami Dolphins trained at the St. Thomas University until 1993. Then in 2006, the indoor air-conditioned training field was added, which made the people of Miami, particularly the Dolphins proud of having such a useful and one-of-a-kind venue. The team admits that having such a training facility helps the team to feel as if they are playing in an actual field since the facility closely simulates actual games. Plus, an even better advantage is that the team can continue to practice even when the storms roll in.

The Bubble uses an extremely light yet sturdy fabric. It is inflated via the fans in the HVAC units and is controlled by an integrated control system. It was also designed to withstand the forces of hurricane winds up to category three. To achieve this, the internal air pressure is increased to stiffen the structure to withstand the external wind loads. The Dolphins do not really own the Bubble, it was just leased out to them by Jerome Harriot.

The Miami Dolphins training facility was the venue used by the 2006 AFC Champions, the Indianapolis Colts, to prepare for the Super Bowl XLI. For a team who has really excellent training grounds, the Miami Dolphins have a lot of pressure in their performance. People expect a lot from a team who is given the best of everything and so far, the Dolphins has been giving an average performance.

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